This is the deposit required per person, for our Virtual Group Nail Class which has a duration of 2 Hours. 


In order to book this Virtual Group Nail Class, YOU MUST HAVE between a 2-Person MINIMUM to a 6-Person MAXIMUM!  ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE DEPOSIT-READY and ALL deposits must be submitted within the same timeframe on our website!  The deposit of $100 PER PERSON must be received, before ANY booking information for date(s) and time(s) is submitted via email to each of the members of the Nail Class Group! 


This class provides both Standard and Advanced procedures and methods which can be utilized and applied immediately after completing the class!


The total cost of our Group Virtual Nail Class (2 Hours) is $175 PER PERSON! The remaining $75 Balance Due, must be submitted at least 24 Hours prior to the date and time of your class beginning, once it has been scheduled! 


When your deposit payment has been made, you will receive an email with the direct link to book the date and time of your preference for your Group Nail Class! Please be sure that ALL Group Class Participants select/request the same date and time to ensure all are added together!  



Additional Support will be available following this class, as you will be invited to join our official Nail Tech Support & Training Group/Community on Facebook! Our support group on Facebook is a Private, Members-Only group and all members are verified before their entry! 



A CERTIFICATE WILL BE PRESENTED FOLLOWING COMPLETION OF THIS NAIL CLASS! If your class is virtual, your Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you at the address provided during checkout.


**This class does NOT include a Nail Kit, however, kits are available separately for purchase depending upon your class topic of choice.**



Group Nail Class (2 Hours Virtual)

  • It is highly-recommended when booking our Group Nail Class(es), that a Group Code Word is established for the entire group to input as deposits are being submitted. This word is to be added into the 'Group Code Word' field at the time group participants are submitting their deposit payments! This code word will help us to know the particular members of your group which are expected to join at the date and time, which will be scheduled.